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KTHPP Series

High Pressure Multistage Pump

Operating Range


Capaicty : Up to 75 M3/hr

Head : Up to 280 mtr

Discharge Size : Dn 32 to 65 mm

Temperature : Up to 140°C

Speed : Up to 3500 rpm

Pressure : Up to 28 kg/cm


  • Axial thrust compensated by balancing drum.
  • Barrel type construction.
  • Multi stage with single suction die casting closed impeller.
  • Heavy duty ball bearings capable to carry thrust load on either direction. grease lubricated bearing for longer life.
  • Un-cooled soft-packing are provided with sealing connection on a suction side. for higher pumped media temperatures, a stuffing box can be provided with cooling cover facilitating the external cooling.
  • All the flanges are faced and drilled as per din standards.
  • Pump designed to drive by an electric motor through flexible coupling. direction of rotation is a clock wise viewed from drive ends. suction is nearer to coupling & discharge at other end.


  • Mine - Dewatering & Descaling.
  • Boiler feed water service.
  • High pressure application in Pulp & Paper mills.
  • General Water & Fire - Fighting systems.
  • Main & Auxiliary condensate extraction.
  • Sprinkler Irrigation.
  • Filter Press Washing.
  • Water supply to high raise buildings


  • SS-316, SS-316 L
  • SS-304, SS-304L
  • Cast bronze
  • Cast steel
  • Cast iron etc.....